God knows your name !


Did you know that God knows your name?

Every hair of your head is numbered. He knows your thoughts and the intents of your heart. There is nothing on earth that is hidden or unknown to God. So you say, what is the big deal, so God knows my name.

Well. Let’s analyze this. Out of the billions of people on earth, how many know your name? How well known are you? Is your name blazing out on lights on a billboard in Beverly Hills so the world knows your name?

Will your name outlive a thousand generations? It will to God. God cares enough about you personally that He knows your name. This thought if captured by our imagination, should light a fire of rejoicing within our spirit.

Out of the billions of people that have lived on earth since its creation, God knows me! I am special, I am truly loved. He is a personal God, He knows my name!

My friend, we have so much to be thankful for. When no one else wants to know your name, or cares about you, God cares, and loves you, and speaks your name… come to me my child, rest in my arms, and tell me of your troubles, and I, will give you rest.

When you are having problems, and feel there’s no help around. First take one step forward, to get to higher ground. If you think that God doesn’t hear you, then that is really a shame. Not only does He hear every prayer you say, but He knows you, by your name.

It does not matter just where you are when you call upon the Lord. He will be listening with a well-tuned ear, and will understand every word.

Be ready to listen to what He says, as He tells you what to do.

For that will be your instructions, because the rest will be up to you. You should thank Him for His kindness, because He was standing by.

And not as you thought; He had turned away, and would never, hear your cry. Even though you have made so many mistakes, He will not hold you to blame.

For now, you are fully forgiven.

And remember, He knows your name.


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