Little drops make an ocean…


If you add a little to a little, and then do it again, soon that little shall be much.

Most of us, in fact all most all of us, want to come up in life. We want to change our bad habits, acquire good habits, earn a lot of money, and bring about improvements in our life. However, soon we notice that we are not able to do it since the task appears to be tougher than we imagined. One reason could be that we try to change things much faster or take on more things than we are capable of. We try to exert ourselves too much. This approach will soon put us in a situation where we start seeing problems and obstacles and soon we give up.

One way to overcome this problem is to change things gradually and consistently.

For example we want to renew our contact with our classmates or college mates, start contacting just one classmate per week, not more than that. Over a period of time, we would have made enough progress in our contact programme. This process is easy and will not put pressure on us. We will be encouraged by our small successes and progress.

This reminds me of a small story. Two men were caught in a thick dark forest and there was no light at all. They could not see more than three feet from their feet. One person was so scared and felt overwhelmed by the distance he had to cover to get out of the forest. But the other man was bold and looked courageous to undertake his journey. The man who felt over whelmed asked how he was going to make it since he could not  see more than three feet from his feet . To this the other man replied that it is very easy, he would  first move three feet and from there another three feet and so on!

Life is like that. We need to remember that a thousand mile journey starts with a single step! Today you take the first step and make just one little change and then one more and one more…..


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