100 Improvement Plan…


Winning starts with beginning.
– Anonymous

We need to improve our abilities in the fast changing world in order to compete in life. We need to adapt ourselves and remain fit. Even if we were the best in our field five years ago, the same skills and faculties which made us the best at that time will not the make us competitive now. The same skills and abilities that we have now will not help us in the years to come since we are not in a static world. In our anxiety to keep pace with what is happening around us, we are managing with our present habits, skills, education, effort level, traits. We need to review all these.

However, we may not be able to change all that are out of place all of a sudden. But a time will come when we have to make a paradigm shift and we may not be able to bring about major changes in our life. We need to have a strategy to deal with this situation.

One way is to recognize the areas we need to improve and list as many small improvements in our life. List hundred improvements needed  in your life, which are very small, but the combined effect of the same will bring about a major shift in your life. They should be small and easy to be carried out. Some examples could be:

* Change the configuration of my computer
* Up date the address book in my organizer
* Transfer all the bits of notes from my old diary to the new diary
* Change the curtains in one of my rooms to start with
* Dispose off the old shoes that I have not used for a long time
* Clean at least one drawer of my table this week end
* Renew contact with at least one class mate this week.
* .
* ..
* …

You have to make one hundred easy improvements  to  change things around you which you can do on your own without the support and help of others. If an item is big, for example, change the configuration of my computer, break it up into smaller activities.

Once you have the list of small things to be changed, it is very easy to proceed further.

Try it out and you will notice the difference in the progress of your change!


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