8 Ways to Avoid Mind-Poison


Never before in recorded history is information so abundantly available. Internet, news, television, magazines, newspapers, radio, etc.

Information has a PURPOSE. Its purpose is PROGRAMMING.

This is how software is made and functions according to its programming.

And this is how you are made and function according to your programming.

Either by design or by default, you ARE programmed.

Does a software KNOW that it is programmed? No, it simply functions according to the programming.

Not knowing that you are programmed has left you to being programmed by default – whether intentional or unintentional – by the energies, designs or ignorance of others, and by your own fractured energies and ignorance.

What information did you receive – consciously or subconsciously – that is operating you today like a software operates a computer?

NOW knowing that you are programmed means you can program yourself by DESIGN.

It can happen in One Flash Of Lightning or it can take a little time.

All one need to do is simply START

Here is a quick list of things you can do right away. I will explain each one in more detail later, but for now you can use them and see marked improvement in your daily life and energy.

1. Avoid the News Media. When the IMPULSE comes to hearken to it and check out every little detail, do something else instead. 10 push-ups or a walk will be much better for your mind, body, soul and financial creativity.

2. Stop watching television shows. I cannot over-emphasize how valuable and powerful this one can be in your life.

3. Stop engaging in social rhetorical chatter.

4. Stop echoing what you’ve picked up in social rhetorical chatter – all of the limiting self-language about the economy, the state of the world, politics, people, etc. To the self-directed warrior, all of these things exist OUTSIDE of him or herself, not inside.

5. Start Listening to one CD of self-improvement or spiritual material daily. I call it the “college of car” – while in the car or even in the shower, you can use this time for success-mind-programming. Start it today.

6. Put empowering knowledge books by your night-stand, dinner table and in your bathroom. Crack one open and glean insights in random moments and before bed. You can reflect on them later and they will open up new realms of conquest for you!

7. Keep a blank notebook and pen on your nightstand. Creative thoughts and reflections that come to you in flashes of insight can be captured this way and expanded upon later.

8. Begin To Re-Program your IMPULSIVE RESPONSES – say a person or situation normally upsets or arouses you. The next time you see, hear or think of that person, consciously breath deeper and slower and smile inside. This is how you can attain Divine Detachment and Objectivity in order to more effectively handle ANY situation!

You are not Pavlov’s dog – You Can Control Your Response to a Stimulus. By discovering how to do so intuitively, YOU GET MORE OF EVERYTHING YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE with less effort, because your manifestations result from YOUR thoughts and behaviors. Now that makes sense, doesn’t it?

This is only the start, yet profoundly POWERFUL and life-changing in and of itself.

Knowing that you are in possession of your mind is a startling discovery that is simply not believed by most.

They may give it lip-service, but deep down they doubt it subconsciously and default to their programming.

YOU are different.

You are reading this now.

That means my message has somehow in some way resonated with you, and you feel you can change and improve yourself and rise above your circumstances and limitations, so you sought out this information.

That is where I started, and where so many others throughout history bucked the programming and said
“the earth is not flat”, “the emperor has no clothes,” and “there IS an elephant in the room”

This is the beginning of Enlightened Warrior’s path of Mastery.

Mastery of Self = Mastery of Life


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