Our Contacts


True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice.
– Samuel Johnson

We are what our thoughts make us. Our thoughts are decided by what we see and hear in our conscious awareness. Our surrounding and circumstances decide what we see and hear. Just like the temperature around us affects us, our surroundings affect our thought quality.

One important choice we have to make is the choice of people whom we want to move with and the people we want to move with. We have limited time and we have to use the same intelligently. When we move with people, their thought quality affects us and what they say and do affect our character, habits and attitude. These parameters decide what we say and do.

For example in the company of those who love books, we will come to know what to read; in the company of those who love music, we come to know what to hear; in the company of sports lovers, we come to know what sports to watch.

Once we decide our mission in life, we have to decide our long term, medium term and long term goals. Once we are clear about these, the next stage to resource mobilization drive. While money and material are very important resources, knowledge and information in support of our goal are also very important resources. Our friends’ circle should propel and encourage us into action and not deter us.

Do a small `audit’ of your friends by asking a power question: am I being surrounded by such people who will help me to realise my ambitions in my life? If not, what should I do?


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