Success & Failure


A failure establishes only this, that our determination to succeed was not strong enough.

– John Christian Bovee

Let us be very clear. Those who have succeeded have also failed many times before finally succeeding. Every time they failed, they learnt some lesson from their failure, changed their strategy and succeeded ultimately. It is not the desire to succeed, but the willingness to face failure which will distinguish the good from the great.

Have you heard of the legendry Robert Bruce the Scottish King? He was on the run during the winter of 1305-06 hiding in a cave. He saw a spider spinning a web trying to make a connection from one end of the cave to another. He saw the spider failing several times, but started it all over again until it finally succeeded. Robert Bruce was inspired by this incident, and returned from the cave to fight the English and won many battles and won several supporters.

The story of Robert Bruce is an example of how the mind of a great person works and never letting the mind to succumb to the dampness of failures. Also remember the Chinese proverb `fall seven times, stand up eight’. As long as we are determined to succeed, no power on earth can stand between us and our dream.

After reading this piece, do a simple exercise. List all those projects you gave up due to some setback and decide which project you want to start again and do something today in the direction of the project!


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