Our Environment


Be careful the environment you choose, for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose, for you will become like them.
– W. Clement Stone

Human beings are also `thinking beings’ and we are `meaning making beings’. This feature distinguishes the human race from the animals. Animals do things whether or not they are convinced. They have to be forced to indulge in an activity or task. They need not be convinced. Hence they merely `participate’ in a task but they don’t `involve’ themselves.

On the other hand human beings have to be convinced and extent of our commitment and involvement will depend upon the level of our own conviction. In order to be convinced, we have to be fed with lot of reasons and our mind is actively involved in this process. This is an intellectual activity.

In this context, the type of people we are surrounded with makes a big difference. The environment we live should be with such people who will influence our thought process and give us a rich and intelligent mindset.

This is one of the reasons why residential schools and college hostels make a difference in a student’s life. If you are a journalist, move with such people who have accomplished well the field of journalism. The same principle applies to every profession. What you see and what you hear all through the day will influence your mind set and thought process.


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