Who started 5 days week?


The Indian civilisation has given may things to the world…
said the History teacher to the class. Who can name a few?

The zero said Veru Sahasrabudhe

Astronomy said Aryabhatt Abhyankar

Classical Music said Ravishankar Paluskar

Chess said Wishwanathan Anand

5-Day week said Bandya Band-sode

How do you mean? asked the teacher with a puzzled look.

I mean, working Monday-to-Friday & holidays on Saturday-Sunday.
Bandya explained.

No, no! Not that, but who started it? the teacher.

Its going on from the Mahabharat times Bandya elaborated further.

Is that so? And who started this system you say?
the History teacher was still skeptical.

Bandya said: Draupadi.


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