Critical Moment Management


In the Midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.
– Deepak Chopra

Many things may happen around you on which you have no control. In a peaceful time a tsunami may throw life out of gear. Sometime a death of a dear one may shatter you. Your best friend may cheat you. You may lose all your fortunes over night. People who are very close to you may desert you. At the peak of your career, you may lose your job.

It is at these critical moments you have to maintain your cool and balance of mind. You evaluate a driver who averts an accident at the most unexpected time and not when he drives the car on a free high way. Only when he maintains his cool, he can avoid the accident and not when he feels stressed. A doctor is at his best when he pulls a patient from the jaws of death.

In an organisation as well as in private life, crisis management is a very critical skill. Just like we learn how to perform when ideal conditions exist, we should also get trained on how to remain calm when unexpected calamities strike us.

Think of a time when you experienced a most turbulent event which shattered your self confidence and let that event run like a video movie. Step aside as though you are a spectator and watch the `other you’ handling that situation. While doing so stay completely detached as though you are in a movie theatre someone else playing your role. Once the crisis scene has blown over, write a criticism of how that `other you’ could have handled the same and what soft skill would help him to handle the same situation in a more relaxed and serene manner.

Do this exercise sincerely and notice your learning!


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