Easy Life, Difficult Life


Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.
– Bruce Lee

If we get everything we want without any difficulty, we may not enjoy life. There has to be some excitement and thrill. We need to be stretched. We have to be tested on our endurance. We have to be challenged so that we come out with our full potential.

Honestly check yourself: when do you celebrate a victory? Do you get excited when others let you have your way, or when you have to fight your way? A sportsman celebrates his victory only when he fights till the last game. When the game is too easy for one player, neither the player nor the spectator enjoys the same.

Take the example of a sculptor chiseling statue. The harder the stone, the more will be the expertise required to make the statue and more will be excitement to in the process of making the statue.

Have you ever driven a car through a mountain path? Didn’t you enjoy the same? Would you have enjoyed the journey if there has been no mountain to climb? If there are no problems to overcome, life will be boring. We need challenges to surmount and we need difficult situations to show our real capacity. Do you think Thomas Alva Edison would have been excited if he had discovered the right filament even in the first attempt? Do you think we will think of Neil Armstrong if he had taken a two hour flight to the moon to land on the moon?

So we need problems to solve and difficult situations to overcome. At the same time we need to pray for the strengths to overcome the same.


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