Lift Up


If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.
– Booker T Washington

Just think. Who all contributed for your present position in life? Who all helped you reach your ambitions in life? Have you seen the `Acknowledgement’ section of a book? The author will include all those who helped him to write the book. He will include even a person who read the manuscript and the person who typed the text.

The most important thing in life is how many people you help who are in need of your help. In as much as you need others’ help, others are also in need of your help. Some may openly seek your help and some others may not. Seeking help is not an offence and no one needs to feel guilty of the same. But sometimes we may feel guilty to seek someone’s help.

If you have anything to offer to someone, please offer. You don’t have to hoard it. It could be anything. It could be money, material, ideas, suggestions, advice etc. It could even be power. You may be in a position which gives you authority and power. What`s wrong in lifting someone who may need your help using your power? You should not misuse your power or gain any undue advantage. That’s all. In fact the purpose of power is to use it.

You may be very powerful, but what is the use if you don’t want to use it? One which is used less will become useless!

Over this weekend, make a list of all those who helped you. And make another two lists:
– How you are going to reciprocate the same?
– List all those you have not yet helped, but who may need your help and how you are going to help them?


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