Gujarati waists outweigh Mumbai, Delhi bulge


AHMEDABAD: An average Gujarati can throw around more weight than his counterpart in Delhi and Mumbai, literally.

A health survey conducted in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Delhi has revealed that 19 per cent of patients visiting doctors here were found to be obese. A similar survey revealed the obesity problem among patients in Delhi is 16.7 per cent and 18.5 per cent in Maharashtra. What’s more, in Gujarat, over 85 per cent of the male and female patients have waistlines above 36 and 32 inches respectively. The study was conducted randomly on patients who visited the clinics with common ailments.

The research was carried out on 2,161 people who consulted doctors in 109 clinics in Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara from November 30, 2009 to January 6, 2010. Similar studies were conducted in 107 clinics in Delhi and 95 in Maharashtra. Most of the patients were in the age group of 25-55. The study is part of the ongoing project called ‘Screening India’s Twin Epidemic’.

Principal investigator of the study Dr Shashank Joshi, who was in Ahmedabad to participate in the Association of Physicians Conference (APICON), said the project is an eye-opener, indicating that weight is becoming the next critical health issue for the country.

“Obesity is highest among Gujaratis, more than even the paratha-butter packing Delhiites. Nearly 25 per cent patients in the state were found to be overweight,” said Dr Joshi. Doctors from Gujarat said one of the prime reasons for Gujaratis putting extra kilos is that they are dumping the healthy dal-bhat-rotli-shak diet for pizzas, burgers and fries apart from their regular Gujarati snacks.

“A previous study conducted by us revealed that two out of 10 schoolchildren in Ahmedabad were either diabetic or likely to have diabetes. This is because of a stressful lifestyle, junk food and no exercise,” said Dr Bansi Saboo, who was the coordinator of the project in Gujarat.

“We term growing obesity as the hurry, worry and curry problem,” said physician Dr Mahadev Desai.

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