50 passwords you should never use


Time and again, the attack on online sites — of all genere be it social networking, internet banking, mail, etc — show the risk of using weak passwords. An analysis of passwords stolen in the Gawker incident late last year also showed a similar pattern.

In fact, post Gawker attack, several websites like Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo advised users to change their passwords. Security experts often warn users that using the same username and password for multiple sites may be convenient, but it can prove costly. Similarly, many internet users also use poor passwords that are easy for online criminals to guess.

According to security company Sophos, many users (33% according to its research) use the same password on every single website. This means that if their password is stolen in one place, it can be used to unlock access to other sites too.

The security company also released a list of world’s 50 worst passwords. Time to go through them and make sure your password isn’t part of the list.

* 123456

* Password

* 12345678

* Lifehack

* qwerty

* abc123

* 111111

* monkey

* consumer

* 12345

* Letmein

* trustno1

* dragon

* 1234567

* kotaku

* Baseball

* superman

* iloveyou

* gizmodo

* internet

* Sunshine

* 1234

* princess

* starwars

* whatever

* Shadow

* cheese

* 123123

* nintendo

* football

* Computer

* f–you

* 654321

* blahblah

* passw0rd

* master

* soccer

* michael

* 666666

* jennifer

* gawker

* password

* jordan

* pokemon

* michelle

* killer

* pepper

* welcome

* batman


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