Stages of Management Development


Stages of Management Development
Find out your stage

First Stage – When you Know that you dont know

This is the first stage when you start your career and you realize you have to learn a lot about how the system works. You act as a sponge absorbing and listening to everything. Trying to make sense.

You are given responsibilities which will not cause any serious damage if you goof up or make serious mistakes. More over you are closely monitored and mentored.

Opportunity to learn and make your foundation strong

Second Stage – When you know that you know but you know little

This is the second stage where fresh from a little exposure you put into practice your little knowledge.

Without the practical experience and in your enthusiasm and excitement to prove yourself you over promise and under deliver.

Opportunity – This is like throwing into the deep end of the pool and you learn by trying to survive- very effective.

Third Stage – When you know that you know little

When you know that you know little You realize what you know ..this is a beginning of maturity stage.

Where the little knowledge or expertise you have gained is utilized to actually achieve something for the business and you feel a sense of accomplishment

Opportunity – This is the stage to leverage your experience and gain further knowledge.

Fourth Stage – When you dont know what you dont know

This is a humbling experience. Fresh from the earlier success you try to repeat the same formula to achieve the same result and you fail spectacularly.

It comes as a shock to you and you go into your shell or blame others.

Opportunity – This is a crucial stage some people get stuck here in their comfort zone and refuse to try anything new. Some bold people try to reset and rework.

Last stage – When you know what you know and what you dont know.

This is the maturity stage where you know what works and what doesnt by repeated trial and error of the number 3 and number 4 stages. Here you succeed in something and you fail in others.

Opportunity – More significant is that you know where you succeed and where you fail and increase your success rate by refining this process.


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