10 commandments of cellphone etiquettes


There are dozens of ways by which your mobile phone habits can irritate others like talking too loudly or using foul language while on phone and as so on. That is why Debrett’s have come up with the ultimate rules for mobile etiquette.

According to Debrett’s, taking calls in bed or ignoring people who are present in favour of those at the end of the line are all banned, reports the Telegraph.

Other etiquettes that should be looked out for are the following:

1. Think about what your ringtone is saying about you: head-banging rocker, fashion-conscious teenager etc. And also monitor the volume of your ringtone; if it blares out and heads turn it’s too loud.

2. If you are in doubt to use your ringtone then keep your cell phone on vibration mode.

3. Ensure that your mobile phone conversation is not disturbing other people.

4. Don’t use foul language, or talk about money, sex or bodily functions in front of witnesses when you are taking over the phone.

5. Don’t use your phone in ‘quiet zones’ on trains. If the line is bad and conversations inaudible, explain that there’s a problem and hang up.

6. Never shout if you lose reception. Ring the other person back as soon as you regain it.

7. Turn off your phone in social situations, as people with you deserve more attention than those at the end of a phone. And if you are awaiting an important call when meeting someone socially, explain at the outset that you will have to take the call, and apologise in advance.

8. Step away from the phone at meal times.

9. Don’t carry on mobile phone calls while transacting other business – in banks, shops, on buses and so on. It is insulting not to give people who are serving you your full attention.

10. Don’t make calls to people from inappropriate venues; a call from a bathroom is deeply off-putting.

Originally at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/personal-tech/computing/10-commandments-of-cellphone-etiquettes/articleshow/9505699.cms


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