Communication without communicating


A Buddhist monk was meditating on the beach every morning, with absolute calm and radiance of love personified. So much he was at peace with himself and with the outer world, that doves and pigeons used to flock around him and also perch on his shoulders when he was meditating. They used to flyaway once the monk comes out of meditation.

A small boy was watching this with awe and surprise and he went to the monk after meditation. He wanted a pigeon to be taken home and to play with and he requested the monk to get him a pigeon.

The Monk asked the boy to come next morning to the beach.

The next morning the Monk sat for meditation and as the time passed, Lo!! What a surprise!!! Not a single dove or pigeon turned up near him. The very vibration set by the monk to catch a pigeon for the boy was sufficient to drive them away.

Moral of the Story: You communicate even when you don’t communicate.


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