Why I am choosing to stay home this New Year’s eve


Call me old but, I have no shame in saying so. I have made no plans for this New Year’s eve. I have rejected and cancelled a few. But on two days in a year, some people need to be left to their own devices – birthdays and New Year’s eve. Here are a few reasons why I have chosen to do so…

The mad rush on the road: everyone is out driving. The pollution, chaos, bevy of cars is too passé. What is the inspiration behind being on the road; is it the honking, the screaming? It could be happiness for some, but it is an induced one.

Loud music and drunkenness: Clubbing, pubbing, partying? Too formula-driven. All motion, no emotion. I have stopped finding novelty in it any more. It is also is in direct contradiction to one the resolutions that I am going to take this weekend – never to do anything twice. Life is too precious to live on the repeat mode.

Prices: Everything is overpriced and and each place is overcrowded. Then there is the mad scramble to reach that place. Once there, there is the struggle to stay there, at an exponentially high cost.

Responding to New Year wishes: I have realized that they are just forwards- impersonal and thoughtless. I want to connect with every wish that I send out. Mean it. That again, cannot be done with a hangover. My second resolution for 2016 is to write more. The more letters, the better. As a generation of over-communicated individuals, we need to connect more.

The inevitable year-end existential reflections: They need time and mind-space. Reflections need still water. You only get to see them when you are not breathing fast and are holding still. The desire to be able to do that is innate with things coming to an end and with new beginnings.

Peace: Too much has been lost this year; lives, peace and precious time. I wanted to think of the people who will not see the sunrise in 2016.

I want to go with my parents, sit at some vantage point in my hometown and herald in the New Year. Too lame? I think it’s awesome, to be aware of time as it passes – slow and gradual. Isn’t that how life is meant to be lived?

May you have a year, the one that you choose to make it. A very loving 2016 to you all.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

December 30, 2015, 9:05 pm IST

Ajita Chowhan
(Still looking at the world with a childlike wonder and learning to live life while she scuba dives, learns Kathak, runs a marathon, meditates, hikes, over-drinks green tea, red wine and black coffee. Either perennially travelling or dreaming of one. Loves everything that even remotely relates to travel – books, people, food, airports, hopping flights, culture, faces, packing, unpacking, languages and landscapes. With a never ending bucket list, a small town girl, eagerly looking forward to visiting her 27th country soon.)

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