Grow up & be responsible


Let your actions not beg for happiness. When you beg for happiness, you position happiness in the future. Life happens in the present. Treat the present as a present and then you will be total in what you do. When you are total in what you do, then the “totality” brings “fullness” in what you are doing.

I consider the work situation as a field for learning and hence it is a school. One has to be alert that the school is not a nursery. In a nursery, the child is not fully expected to take care of him or herself but in a school one has to take care of oneself. In a school the child is expected to have more responsibility, the teacher gives information, but the learning has to happen by the student. That is not the case in a nursery. So, are you in a nursery or a school? Live like an adult, take charge of your life and be responsible for your physical health, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual health.

We don’t learn from a problem because we don’t want to grow up. A child cries when it wants anything and expects others to fulfill what it wants. Emotionally, an adult cries for this or that at home or office and such emotional crying expresses itself in the form of complaints. Learn to grow up and take responsibility. The art of growing up is living in the school of life, where learning is focused, and taking responsibility for all dimensions of wellness.

By Swami Sukhabodhananda

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