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These 7 things from SHOLAY we must-do to defeat CORONA :

  1. Jo Darr Gaya Samjho Marr Gaya.

Do not panic. Do not be afraid. These are testing times. Face the pandemic bravely. Every cough is not Corona. Do not die of a heart attack even before Corona gets you.

  1. Kitne Aadmi The?

Always be aware of how many people are going to be at a certain place. Do not go to crowded places. Do not gather as if you will miss watching something if you do not go out. You will miss nothing. Remember this is CORONA, not KAREENA.

  1. Itna Sannata Kyun Hai Bhai?

Do not ask this unless you are living under a rock or are a Left-Liberal. You should support the 21 day lock down & should be ready for more of these sannatas in the coming days.

  1. Kya Samajhkar Aaye The… Sardar Khush Hoga… Sabashi Dega!

Do not think your going to the office at this time would be applauded (unless of course you work at a hospital). Your boss would not be happy if he comes to know that you have gone to the office especially when you have been told to Work-From-Home. You suck at following orders. SIT AT HOME.

  1. Basanti, Inn Kutto Ke Samne Mat Nachna.

Do not go out dancing. Do not even throw dance parties at home. If you must dance… dance alone…but never with or in front of anyone.

  1. Yeh Ramgarh Wale Apni Betiyon Ko Kaunsi Chakki Ka Aata Khilate Hain Re?

It is very important to know which chakki’s & grocery stores are open in the neighborhood during a lock down. Do not hoard things but do know where all things will be available when you need them.

  1. Ab Tera Kya Hoga Kaliya!

And if you are still unlucky after all this & get the virus you can only wonder. There’s no antidote. If you reach this stage stop following SHOLAY & move on to KAL HO NA HO.

🙏 Be Indoors. Be Safe 🙏

1. Kareena has dandruff problem, Katrina has dry hair problem, Shilpa has hairfall problem

2. If you’ve a beautiful wife, make sure your neighbour doesn’t use a deodorant in your absence.

3. Your complexion is more important than your qualifications.

4. If there is no salt in your kitchen you can use Toothpaste.

5. Every second oral care brand is No. 1 and recommended by every dentist in India!!!

6. If your daughter is not Ready to Get married, take her to a jewellery/textile shop.

7. Only reason why men use deodorant is to get girls.

8. Most colas cure all kinds of phobias. You will be close to a superman, if you drink these regularly!!

9. All superstars are so poor that they prefer to risk life for a cool drink than to purchase it for Rs.10

10. The special effects in shampoo ads are greater than special effects in Avatar.

11. Fruit content in shampoo and soap is more than fruit content in 99% of juices.

12. Amul has better satirical cartoonists than people who make better milk products.

13. Most people buy vehicles to travel in bad roads but don’t complain about roads in India.

14. You can’t eat Dairy Milk Silk without spreading it all over your face.

15. Nobody uses motorbikes for commuting, its only to pick up girls.

16. All soaps kill 99.9% of germs.

17. People believe that Bacardi makes music CD’s and Directors special/Kingfisher make mineral water.

18. The only thing mothers and daughters talk to each other is usually about hair oil.

19. No matter what kind of expert one is, he’ll always wear a white laboratory coat.

And, finally

20.Mutualfundinvestmentsaresubjecttomarketriskspleasereadtheofferdocumentcarefullybeforeinvesting. (To be Read in one breath)


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