Super Human


When Superman took off his Superman outfit who was he?

When I ask audiences this question most people say Clark Kent but the answer is, he was still Superman. It didn’t matter what clothes he was wearing. He was still Superman on the inside. His strength came not from the uniform he wore but from the power within.

The same goes for you and me.

Your power does not come from your job, uniform, career, status, circumstance, fame or label people give you. Your power comes from your heart, soul, spirit, passion and love that exists inside you and you are more powerful than you think.

You are not just human. You are super human.

If you don’t feel powerful it’s because you have come to believe the illusion and lie that outside circumstances have power over you. You have forgotten the truth that you create your world from the inside-out.

You don’t realize the power you possess. It’s as if you have been given the power of superman or wonderwoman but are living the life of Clark Kent or Diana Prince instead.

But deep down you know the truth.

It’s why these words resonate with you. It’s why so many love super hero movies. You know you were made for more and there is more within you.

You have been given super human power and you are meant to use it. Not just to create your life but also to help others.

Like all super heroes you have been given the greatest power in the universe. The power to make a difference in the life of another human being. You were made with a super power to empower others.

You don’t need a special suit, a title or a super hero name. You just need to tap into the love, spirit, passion, soul and purpose inside you to create your life and a better world today.

No cape required!

– Jon Gordon


If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears.
– Glenn Clark

We have long term, medium term and short term goals. We also have our day to day activities which cannot be ignored. The challenge in front of most of us is to keep our focus on our long term goals in spite of whatever happens in our daily life. The secret lies in our ability to remain balanced.

Sometimes we are thrown out of gear due to our negative emotions and moods. The most common negative feelings are envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears. We need to benchmark our performance with those better than ourselves. But such a comparison should be constructive and should propel us into action. It should not retard our progress and effort.

Envy and jealousy have to be handled and channeled properly to give us the energy to be proactive and constructive. Else we will become very selfish and negative.

The quality of forgiving is very important. The ability to forgive not only others but also ourselves is very important to overcome setbacks and failures on our path to success. We have to accept the fact that we are human beings and we can make mistakes and it is okay to fail or struggle. This state of mind will allow us to analyze the reason for our failure take the failure as a failure of our effort and not a failure of ourselves.

Of course fear is a natural instinct. But fear has to be used as a positive energy and we should not allow fear to dampen our enthusiasm.

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