Super Human


When Superman took off his Superman outfit who was he?

When I ask audiences this question most people say Clark Kent but the answer is, he was still Superman. It didn’t matter what clothes he was wearing. He was still Superman on the inside. His strength came not from the uniform he wore but from the power within.

The same goes for you and me.

Your power does not come from your job, uniform, career, status, circumstance, fame or label people give you. Your power comes from your heart, soul, spirit, passion and love that exists inside you and you are more powerful than you think.

You are not just human. You are super human.

If you don’t feel powerful it’s because you have come to believe the illusion and lie that outside circumstances have power over you. You have forgotten the truth that you create your world from the inside-out.

You don’t realize the power you possess. It’s as if you have been given the power of superman or wonderwoman but are living the life of Clark Kent or Diana Prince instead.

But deep down you know the truth.

It’s why these words resonate with you. It’s why so many love super hero movies. You know you were made for more and there is more within you.

You have been given super human power and you are meant to use it. Not just to create your life but also to help others.

Like all super heroes you have been given the greatest power in the universe. The power to make a difference in the life of another human being. You were made with a super power to empower others.

You don’t need a special suit, a title or a super hero name. You just need to tap into the love, spirit, passion, soul and purpose inside you to create your life and a better world today.

No cape required!

– Jon Gordon


Sleep Yoga


Sleep Disorders are among the most common problems encountered in recent times and it effect work life, business and professional life. As part of corporate wellness program, we should proactively work on improving wellness of our workforce.

There are loads of issues our workforce faces today, stress due to no-work at office, procastinating situation at home, due to stress at home and office. And it all shows in our work life, home life and it effect our lives and our performance. As a matter of fact, there is effect of sleep on corporate wellness and performance.

We stay up too late and get up too early. We interrupt our sleep with drugs, chemicals and work, psychological disorders and we overstimulate ourselves with late-night activities such as television and/or yes, SN

I thought it could be helpful for all of us to learn about some essentials of good sleep habits. Many of these points will seem like common sense, but rarely found. But it is surprising how many of these important points are ignored by many of us…

Fix a time to be in bed at night and out of bed in morning – The body “gets used” to falling asleep at a certain time, but only if this is relatively fixed.

Avoid Sleep during the day. If you nap throughout the day, it is no wonder that you will not be able to sleep at night.

Don’t take your worries to bed. Leave your worries about job, school, daily life, etc., behind when you go to bed. Some people find it useful to assign a “worry period” during the evening or late afternoon to deal with these issues.

Exercise regularly, but not right before bed. Regular exercise, particularly in the afternoon, can help deepen sleep. Exercise within the 3-4 hours before bedtime, however, can decrease your ability to fall asleep.

Avoid heavy, spicy, or sugary foods 4-6 hours before bedtime. These can affect your ability to stay asleep.

Avoid caffeine 4-6 hours before bedtime. This includes caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea and many sodas, as well as chocolate.

Use comfortable bedding. Uncomfortable bedding can prevent good sleep… if required, make appropriate changes.

Block out all distracting noise, and eliminate as much light as possible.

Reserve the bed for sleep and sex. Don’t use the bed as an office, work-room or recreation room. Let your body “know” that the bed is associated with sleeping.

Try a light snack before bed. Warm milk and foods high in the amino acid tryptophan, such as bananas, may help you to sleep.

Practice relaxation techniques before bed. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing and others may help relieve anxiety and reduce muscle tension.

Establish a pre-sleep procedure : Pre-sleep procedure, such as a warm bath or a few minutes of reading, can help you sleep.

For those who enjoy alcoholic drinks… Avoid alcohol 4-6 hours before bedtime. Many people believe that alcohol helps them sleep. While alcohol has an immediate sleep-inducing effect, a few hours later as the alcohol levels in your blood start to fall, there is a stimulant or wake-up effect.

Get into your favorite sleeping position. If you don’t fall asleep within 15-30 minutes, get up, go into another room, and read until sleepy.

….Most people wake up one or two times a night for various reasons. If you find that you get up in the middle of night and cannot get back to sleep within 15-20 minutes, then do not remain in the bed “trying hard” to sleep. Get out of bed. Leave the bedroom. Read, have a light snack, do some quiet activity, or take a bath. You will generally find that you can get back to sleep 20 minutes or so later. Do not perform challenging or engaging activity such as office work, housework, etc. Do not watch television… yes!

Several physical factors are known to upset sleep. These include arthritis, acid reflux with heartburn, menstruation, headaches and hot flashes.

Psychological and mental health problems like depression and anxiety are often associated with sleeping difficulty. In many cases, difficulty staying asleep may be the only presenting sign of depression. Consult a practicing yoga teacher for getting you out of sleeping difficulty.

The goal is to rediscover how to sleep naturally and bing a fresh employee in your office, work situation.

At the end of the day, we all want performing employee, and corporate wellness.

Happy Sleeping and working

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