‘Pain is a teacher and failure is the highway to success’
– Robin Sharma

Learning is an important process that makes human beings great. In fact, it is the secret behind the survival of the human beings. In NLP, there is a presupposition, which says ‘experience has a structure’. This means that every experience we go through in our life programmes our mind. When we go through failures in life, we experience pain and our ego is touched. Ego is an important parameter, which shapes our life. Isn’t it true that the person who touches our ego stays longer in our mind?

Failures make you to think why you failed. You don’t ‘think’ when you succeed. You may feel happy, excited, proud, encouraged etc., but you don’t think. Thinking is different and feeling is different.

Great people succeed after heart breaking failures. Soichiro Honda is the founder of Honda. He was working as a mechanic in a shop to tune cars that entered racing. He worked on a piston design that he wanted to sell to Toyota. His first design was rejected. He went back to school and learnt, pawned his wife’s jewels as collateral security and built a factory to construct pistons. He won a contract from Toyota, but the factory was destroyed in an earthquake!

He got an idea to make motorized cycle when he could not use his car due to gasoline shortage during World War II. He produced a two cylinder motorbike engines and approached 18,000 bicycle shop owners. His first motor cycle design was not a success. But he learnt from his failures and ultimately won.

So, don’t be afraid of failure. But learn from failure.


The achievement of one goal should be the starting point of another.
– Alexander Graham Bell

Has the best television set assembled? Have we made the best automobile? Have we made the best computer? Have we invented the most effective medicine to cure the most difficult disease? In management people talk about continuous improvement as a tool for growth in order to remain in business. In fact it applies to everyone.

Robin Sharma said that success breeds failure! Sounds interesting? But it is true for ordinary people who consider success as the destination. For the extraordinary people, one success is the beginning of another task. They are not satisfied with what they have achieved. They are focussed on what’s not yet been achieved. Anyone who does not understand this simple principle will soon become complacent and the success will get into his head.

It is said that Olympic Gold Medalists go through a syndrome called POD, meaning ‘Post Olympic Depression’. The Olympic gold medal winner gets so focussed and works very hard and wins a gold medal. The winning takes place in a matter of few seconds, for which he would have worked for years all day long. After he achieves his victory, the question is ‘what next’ and for a normal person there is nothing beyond an Olympic Gold Medal. This situation leads to a state of mind called ‘Post Olympic Depression’ syndrome. They overcome this by fixing their next goal even more than what they have achieved.

We need to keep moving from one success to another and believe that success is not a destination but a journey. The quest for improving our own performance is very essential to keep our excitement glowing!

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