You finally found the guts to ask out your crush, and she said yes. Now what are you going to wear? We polled the pros, combed the journals, and checked out the stats. The results? Eight scientific principles of dressing that leave nothing to chance.

Woo Her with Fragrance

“Women have a better sense of smell than men do, and it’s even sharper in the middle of their menstrual cycle, when estrogen levels peak and women are more likely to be deciding whether a man’s attractive,” says Helen Fisher, Ph.D., a professor of anthropology at Rutgers University and the author, most recently, of Why We Love. Wearing fragrant leather is one great way to get inside her head.

To encourage her animal instincts, wear the hide of a beast, and maintain it well. Preserving its oils releases natural fragrance.

Explore the Vertical

Women rate tall men as more sexually attractive than shorter guys, and tall men are more likely to find a mate. Proof: A British study of more than 10,000 people found that men 6 feet tall were more likely than average-height men (5’10”) to be married and have children.

Wear pinstripes. Vertical lines enhance your height, and it’s easier than standing on your toes.

Convey Status

We all know what you’re looking for when you check out a woman. You dog. But that doesn’t mean she’s looking for sex signifiers when she scopes you out. A study of mate selection in 37 cultures found that women seek partners with status, class, and success. So when she’s checking you out, she’s looking for the bulge in your pants, all right: the one made by your wallet.

“Now, this doesn’t mean that every woman wants a businessman from New York City,” says Fisher. “But if she walks into a bar and there are three accountants and one is wearing a nicer suit, she might notice it and be attracted to that man. Women like signs of money and educationthings that indicate that not only is this guy going to have some resources, but he’s also willing to share them.”

Spend, and spend some more, on watches and cool shoes. They’re the first two stops on her itinerary.

Show Off Your Testosterone

“Women are looking for men with good genes so their children can have good genes,” says Devendra Singh, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Texas. One thing they’re noticing, probably without realizing it, is a man’s waist-to-hip ratio. In cross-cultural studies, women rate men with 0.8 to 0.95 ratios (almost a straight line) as most appealing. “Women are unconsciously performing these calculationsjudging men on the basis of how body fat is distributed,” she says.

The ratio is an indicator of testosterone. Testosterone inhibits fat in the buttocks and waist but allows it in the upper body, explains Singh. So when a man has a large waist or butt, it indicates low testosterone, and a woman will consider him less attractive.

Don’t leave home without a sport coat. It creates a visual line from your neck to your thighs, which conveys an appealing waist-to-hip ratio, according to Michael Cunningham, Ph.D., who studies attraction at the University of Louisville. Unless you regularly appear on the cover of this magazine, avoid anything cinched or tightly belted at the waist.

Give Good Face

Pure animal attraction is linked to your face and its symmetry. Sixty-five studies of 42 species have connected symmetry and sex appeal, according to the Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior. In addition, the better a man’s symmetry, the more quickly he gets women into bed, the more sexual partners he has, and the more orgasms he causes in women partners, says the Atlas. You can’t change your face (at least not without a scalpel), but you can frame it properly:

Wear a straight-point-collar dress shirt, with collar points 2 3/4 to 3 inches in length. This collar frames the face best and with the least margin of error for most men, regardless of face shape, says Alan Flusser, men’s-fashion expert and author of Dressing the Man. When you’re not wearing a tie, unbutton the top one or two buttons.

Project Strength

Broad shoulders connote strength and confidenceand 22 percent of women in a British study rated them as men’s sexiest body part.

Wear a shirt with raglan sleeves (diagonal seams from the armpit to the neck). Ballplayers wear ’em, and they routinely reach third base.

Display Your True Colors

“Women have a better sense of color and a better color memory,” says Fisher. “They’re more likely to notice when something doesn’t match; more likely to notice what you’re wearing.” Use different colors to convey different desirable personality traits and to evoke different feelings in your date.

Surrender to pink. “It’s a color women gravitate toward,” says Lisa Herbert, an executive vice president at Pantone, a leading color-research firm. “It indicates intimacy and sensitivity.”

Not ready for pink? Meet her halfway with purple, which combines the masculinity and stability of blue with the softness of pink, says Herbert.

Encourage a crush: Wear orange. “It’s very outgoing and high energy,” says Herbert. “For an active date, we would recommend wearing a really bright orange.”

Go Skin to Skin

Your first mission on a date (indeed, the key to all subsequent missions) is contact: Get her to touch you. “Touch is the mother of the senses,” says Fisher. “Not only are women more sensitive when they touch, but they’re also more sensitive to being touched.”

It has to do with millions of years of nurturing behavior, explains Fisher. Women, as mothers and caretakers, have to identify health threats such as fever, swollen glands, and so on, by touch. Show a woman your soft sideshe’ll expose hers in return.

Apply moisturizer at least twice a day, and if you must cover skin, do it with touchable all-stars like cashmere, pima cotton, brushed corduroy, merino wool, and suede. When sex is on the line, definitely wear velvet.

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So you love your fiance, but is he the right person to marry? Well, Father Pat Connor, missionary, marital expert and the first priest ever to be quoted by Glamour magazine, sure knows the answer.

The Australian-born Catholic priest, now based in New Jersey, has condensed his wisdom from 40-odd years of counselling engaged couples into one manual of advice-Whom Not to Marry.

He has conducted premarital counselling and presided over more than 200 weddings.

He also lectures high school girls on the pitfalls of marrying the wrong guy.

And he likes to catch women young, because once they have fallen in love they will be less likely to absorb his sensible and often unromantic advice.

He believes there are no soulmates, only lovers to whom we commit.

Connor’s central thesis is that you can be deeply in love with someone to whom you can’t be successfully married.

He advises a year-long engagement to examine fully the values and character of your future spouse.

And Connor’s ‘whom not to marry’ list is as follows:

1. Mummy’s boys

2. Men who are bad with money

3. Men with no friends

4. Men who put you down in public

5. Men who are rude to waitering staff

6. Men unable to laugh at themselves

7. Men unwilling to share authority

8. Men who never make demands countering yours

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An IT services company had a policy of hiring

Concerned about this, a local Woman’s Liberation Front Leader called on the CEO.

She asked, “Why is it you limit your employees to married men? Do you consider us women are Weak, Dumb, Tantrum throwers or Bossy?”

“Not at all, Ma’am,” the CEO replied. “It is ONLY because our policy is to hire staff :-

-Who are used to obeying orders without questioning,

-Who are accustomed to being bossed over,

-Know how to keep quiet

-Put up with anything when I yell at them.

Men have these qualities so our policy is “GENTLEMEN ONLY LADIES FORBIDDEN”

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